Online recruitment is increasing, especially in engineering firms, but many new jobs are part-time, according to research.

Recruitment firm Monster said its employment index, reviewing job opportunities from a number of career websites, had increased by 8% in the past year to its highest level since the end of 2008.

Manufacturing jobs such as plant and machine operators, assemblers and craft positions showed the biggest growth, especially in the South West.

Michael Gentle, of Monster, said: "With ONS (Office for National Statistics) figures showing unemployment edging downward and employment rising by 376,000 people over the year, the UK certainly has reason to feel comforted by an expanding job market.

"However, a lot of new employment opportunities have come in the form of part-time work, especially in sectors like construction where firms are recruiting but not for long-term positions.

"This suggests the job market might not be as steady as the figures initially suggest. Nonetheless, overall recruitment growth continues in a positive direction, especially in the economy's key sectors."

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